• International Law

    Recognition an enforcement of foreign court decisions

Do not lose time for decisions that affect your life

Family Law

Agreed and Contested Divorce, Child Support, Compensation, Custody and Sharing of Goods.

Founders & Associations Law

Institution and Regulations of Associations and Foundations.

Compensation Law

Traffic Accidents, Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases Indemnity Claims, Tort, Malpractice.

Employment Law

Indemnity Due to Work Accidents, Severance, Fee, Overtime, Annual Leave, Public Holiday Claims, Service Identification, Return to Work.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law

Representation of Creditors Prior and Following a Debtor’s Insolvency , Representation of Debtor in Proceeding, Bankruptcy, Bankrupt Deferral, Concordat.

Real Estate Law

Expropriation, Inheritance Claims, Severance of Joint Tenancy, Right of Pre-Emption, Land Registry Cancellation and Registration, Rent Disputes, Eviction.

Administrative Law

Administrative Cases, Cancellations, Full Judgmental Cases, Administrative Contracts.


Since the establishment of our office, we have been serving in all fields of law including Criminal Law, Family Law, International Law, Compensation Law, Labor Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Law and Consumer Law, and represent outstanding individuals and companies.

S&S Law Office is an institution with international vision, accountability and social responsibility.

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